A Locrian mode

This page presents the A Locrian mode for the guitar. The mode is shown in the pattern that finds the root note (A) located on the 6th and 1st strings. The A Lorcrian mode for guitar is based on the 7th tone of the respective parent scale. The Major scale that has A as the 7th tone in the Bflat Major scale, and therefore the B Major scale is the parent scale for A Locrian. The notes of the A Lorcrian mode are the same notes found in the parent scale. These notes are A, B, C, D, E, F, and G. Please remember to drive away from and back to the A tone to achieve the proper tone for the A Locrian mode.

The fretboard diagram has the notes of the A Major scale that are not part of the A Lorcrian mode faded for reference purposes.

Lorcrian mode guitar diagram
Locrian mode tab for guitar