A Aeolian Mode

This page presents the A Aeolian mode for guitar. The A Aeolian mode consists of the notes, A, B, C, D, E, F, and G. These are the same notes as the C Major scale. The C Major scale is the parent scale of the A Aeolian mode. This is because the Aeolian form is based on the sixth tone of the scale (A) and in C Major the A note is the sixth tone. The A Aeolian mode has no sharps nor flats. Learn to recognize the placement of the A notes and the F note as you play through the Aeolian mode and you will become familiar with the distinctive qualities of the Aeolian mode.

The Aeolian mode is minor in tonal qualities.

The notes of the A Major scale that are not part of the Aeolian mode are faded so you can see the difference.

A Aeolian mode 4-9
Aeolian mode guitar tab