A Mixolydian mode for guitar

This page presents the A Mixolydian mode for guitar with the pattern rooted at the 6th and 1st string. The A Mixolydian mode consists of the A, B, C#, D, E, F# and G tones. The A Mixolydian's parent scale is the D Major scale. This is because the "A" note is the 5th tone of the D Major scale. The notes of the A Mixolydian and the D Major scale are the same but you work to and from the A tone as opposed to the D tone.

The A Mixolydian mode is Major in tonal qualities and is distinct from the A Ionian (Major) form by the flatted 7th note, the G tone. Please pay attention to both the A note and the G note when playing within the A Mixolydian mode.

The fretboard diagram has the original A Major notes that are NOT part of the A Mixolydian mode partially faded. This is an aid in bouncing from a modal form back to the Major scale or the Ionian mode.

Mixolydian mode for guitar
Mixolydian mode tab