A Lydian mode for guitar

This page shows the A Lydian mode for guitar in the pattern where the "A" note is rooted on the 6th (low E) and 1st (high E) strings. The A Lydian mode is based upon the scale that has the A note as the fourth tone. This is the E Major scale and, therefore, the E Major scale is the parent scale of the A Lydian mode. The A Lydian mode uses the A, B, C#, C#, E, F#, and G# tones. These are the very same notes found in the E Major parent scale. The difference is, as always, that the A notes are targeted as opposed to the E note.

The A Lydian mode is Major in scale tonal qualities. The sharpened 4th tone (D#) is the note that distinguishes the Lydian mode from the Ionian mode and you should pay attention to this tone as you play the Lydian mode.
The fretboard diagram has the original A Major notes that are NOT part of the A Lydian mode partially faded. This is an aid in bouncing from a modal form back to the Major scale or the Ionian mode.

Lydian mode for guitar
Lydian mode tab