A Phrygian mode for guitar

This page presents the notes and pattern for the A Phrygian mode for guitar, shown where the A note is rooted on the 6th (low E) and the 1st (high E) strings. The A Phrygian mode is based on the 3rd degree of the F Major scale, the A note. The F Major scale is the parent scale of A Phrygian because the Phrygian mode is based on the third note of the parent scale and the Major scale that has "A" as the third note of the parent scale is F Major.
The notes in the A Phrygian mode are A, B, C, D, E, F, and G. These are the same notes as those found in F Major, so you can use the same patterns and placement as F Major but you will be emphasizing the A notes. The Phrygian mode has a minor sounding tonality and some attention should be payed to the B flat note as this note help provide the character of the Phrygian mode.

The fretboard diagram has the original A Major notes that are NOT part of the A Phrygian mode partially faded. This is an aid in bouncing from a modal form back to the Major scale or the Ionian mode.

Phrygian mode