Build the harmonic minor Scale (Easy)

Here is a block diagram that shows how a harmonic minor scale is constructed.

The harmonic minor scale is based on the minor scale and is altered by raising the 7th tone 1/2 step. This leaves a tonal gap of 3 half steps between the 6th and 7th tone and also causes a reduction to a half step between the 7th and 8th (octave ) tones. The three half steps between the 6th and 7th tones is called an augmented second. A normal interval of two half steps is considered a second interval and when you add the 3rd half step by sharpening the 7th tone you are augmenting that second interval. That augmented second creates quite a distinctive musical leap.

Scales, scales, and more scales, do not a fine guitarist make but they certainly add to the package.

harmonic scale diagram