Build the Major Pentatonic Scale (easy)

This is a block diagram that is intended to show how the Major Pentatonic scale is constructed. The Major pentatonic scale is derived from the Major scale of the same key while dropping the 4th and 7th tones of the Major scale. The example below uses A Major as an example. The A Major scale consists of the A, B, C#, D, E, F#, and G# tones. The A Major pentatonic scale drops the 4th tone (D) and the 7th tone (G#), leaving the A, B, C#, E, and F# tones. The 5 tones that constitute the Major pentatonic scale have a pleasant relationship and work together well. The Major pentatonic scale may not be as popular as the minor pentatonic, but is still used and heard frequently in rock and country music.

Major Pentatonic Scale diagram