Find that Note on the Fretboard

This diagram shows the locations of the "A" notes on the fretboard and a brief description on how to move from one "A" note to the next. You should be able to easily move from "A" note to "A" note on the fretboard. The spacing among the "A" notes is applicable to any other note you select to use as your base note. Take the time to read and understand the description between each pair of "A" notes. This will be a great aid in developing that fretboard understanding.

The tab that follows is simply the "A" notes across the 13 frets. Play 'em up, and play 'em down the fretboard and then see if you can apply the patterns to other selected root notes.

The diagram at the bottom shows the octave map for the F note. This is only to illustrate how the patterns remain the same, but will move along the fretboard according to the Root note selected.

Note Roadmap for Guitar
A octave tab
A octave map

And, of course, to quote the Beatles, "When I get to the bottom, I go back to the top of the slide, Where I stop and I turn and then I go for a ride, 'Til I get to the bottom and I see you again."
Not only a fine rock song but also very appropriate for the diagram above. :-)

F Octave map for guitar