Cool Guitar Sites

This page will be reserved for a list of Guitar learning sites that we found worth a visit. Please let us know if you would like others listed and we will check them out and post them on this listing.

None of these will make you a 'Blues God in only 3 days' or let you in on the secret, 'that will get you shredding in a day' but they do offer well thought out, well presented and informative material.

An easy lesson here is this: If you can't get a good sense of the quality of the offerings from a site dedicated to guitar lessons for free, you don't want to spend your money chasing something the company won't let you get a sense of.

We have found NO exceptions to this simple cautionary note. Did you note the emphasis on NO?

Long live the king!

Just so much to digest here. Every style, every level, every nook and cranny of guitar playing is explored and presented in video form with tab available in most lessons. Looping and slow-down tools are part of many of the presentations. There are many quality lessons offered for free and, if these entice you further, the pricing for the different levels is very reasonable for what you will receive. You will learn something here or you're just not trying. Free trial memberships available. Outstanding learning site, one of the very best we have found.

Just keeps getting better each and every day. Remarkable depth and variety. None finer.

Gibson Guitar Lesson Page

Pretty much guaranteed you will find oodles of material that will aid in your development as a guitarist. Covers all genres of guitar and is categorized into beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Really nice lesson site, and, who knows, you might even find a guitar you like. Price is really nice as in free!! Credit to the Gibson company.


This is a site dedicated to everything musician with more than a fair portion of guitar related stuff.. The forums are an absolute wealth of everything guitar. Dig about and you will certainly find something of interest and something that will provide you with an unexpected guitar related treat. Great online community.

May have the most user reviews of guitars and related equipment on the planet.

The Tone King

New to this list, relatively speaking, but seems to have all sorts of equipment reviews and like-equipment comparisons. There are also 'licks n' Lessons', galleries, polls, interviews and bunches of other stuff that make a site interesting. The site is updated with regularity and is clearly worth a visit or two.

This site has many presentations in a variety of guitar styles. These videos are very well presented and include tab with each lesson. The site is very well organized and has enough quality free lessons to keep you busy for a considerable amount of time. This site also offers many reasonably priced video lessons. Don't miss this one.


I do know the web site is very professionally presented, the cost is reasonable, many different styles are presented, and they have those tasty and enticing free lessons to help you get a sense of what you are climbing into.

They also have a very intuitive and flexible video interface.

Really nice feature recently added to Guitar Tricks is a significant song collection. Best one out there. From Bach to Rock and more coming in with regularity.

Site is constantly adding content and adding songs on a regular basis.

Are you listening all you other sites?

This site is well worth your time and they provide ample free samples to get your juices flowing.

Richard Lloyd has a very eclectic history as a guitarist. One of the gifts that Richard possesses is the ability to look at something that all of us look at each and every day and to discover something that most of us won't. We plow through predictable patterns and chord changes while Richard is able to discern new musical highways. He is a GPS for guitarists.

He authored a featured column in Guitar World and every one of these lessons taught something novel and exciting. Some of the information presented is challenging for a beginning guitarist but equally enlightening. Well worth the adventure. We were saddened to see him leave Guitar World BUT some of that information is available in a DVD available here. We haven't ordered the DVD but it is on our list.

Check out the lessons on his site. There might not seem to be many there but Richard isn't promoting quantity here. Quality and depth are readily apparent. Really informative stuff, and much of it, stuff you might not stumble onto by yourself.

As said earlier, challenging but well worth the adventure.

Oh, do take the time to read the Q&A.