A Major and A Major Pentatonic

This diagram shows the connection between the A Major scale and the A Major Pentatonic scale. You know that the A Major Pentatonic scale is derived from the A Major scale by dropping the 4th(D) and 7th(G#) tones of the A Major scale leaving only the A, B, C#, E and F# notes. This diagram is somewhat different from the bazillion A Major pentatonic diagrams out there in that the notes of the A Major scale that are dropped are shown slightly faded and with thick red borders.

The utility of this is to demonstrate how easily you can transition from the A Major to the A Major Pentatonic and vice-versa. We can't tell you when you will want to do this - if you ever want to do this - but, if you do, you will know how.

You can significantly change the tonal flavor of a solo by dropping in and out of the full Major scale to the pentatonic version. Tastefully done, of course.

Major Penatonic scale for guitar
Major_MajorPentatonic Scale guitar tab