D minor harmonized scale

This shows the D minor harmonized scale. The chords in the Dm harmonized scale for guitar are Dm, Edim, FM, Gm, Am, B♭, and CM. Notice that these are the same chord as those found in F Major. That is because C minor is the relative minor to F Major. Both scales use the same notes. The order is altered as the D minor scale starts on the 6th tone of F Major with the D tone.

The D minor harmonized scale table below will show you the tones found in each of the triads and chords.

The D minor harmonized scale for guitar is shown in triad form using root, 1st and 2nd inversions. There is also a chord chart showing full chords.

We realize that some of the triad harmonizations are not rooted on the root note but you get the idea.

Dm harmonized scale table
Dm Harmonized Scale
Dm Harmonized Scale
Dminor Harmonized Scale