A Major Harmonized Scale

Harmonized scales are just that. The individual tones each stacked with additional tones from the same scale to produce chordal sounds that are consistent with the respective scale. The notes are generally stacked in thirds. Please note that there are root based triads and other inversions.

Please look at the table below and see the notes that are used to harmonize the A Major scale with triads. Each horizontal line shows the notes of the A Major scale in sequence. There are 12 tones on each line to allow the highlighting of the harmonized tones from A to the A an octave apart.

Each horizontal line emphasizes the 3 notes that are used to build the triad for that particular tone. The first line shows the three notes that comprise the A Major triad; A, C#, and E. The second line shows the 3 tones of the B minor triad; B, D, and F#.

The next diagram shows the harmonized A Major scale in triads on the G, B, and E strings. You should learn to play these up and down in tempo and with precision.

The full chord diagram of the A Major harmonized scale contains some difficult chords to finger. You should be able to pick out a triad of the primary chord tones with little difficulty.
AMajor scale harmonized
Major Harmonized Guitar