A Major Arpeggios for Guitar

This page presents the A Major Arpeggio that is rooted on the 6th String 5th fret and
an Arpeggio that is rooted on the 5th string 12th fret.

An Arpeggio is an Italian word and it means the notes of a chord are played, in sequence,
one note after another.

Only the
1st (A), 3rd(C#), and 5th(E) note of the A Major Scale are played in the arpeggio.

This is distinctly different from strumming a chord where the intention is to let all of the notes of
the chord sound simultaneously.

The A Major Arpeggio is shown in the diagram below in two different patterns associated with A Major.

The diagram is followed by the standard notation and tablature for both A Major Arpeggio.

The Score shows standard notation, note names and suggested fingerings.

You should practice this arpeggio in both positions until the notes are played smoothly up and
down through the A Major Arpeggio. Practice using a variety of tempos and timing.

A Major Arpeggio for Guitar 5th String Root and 6th String Root
(suggested fingering in black numbers)

Major Arpeggio for guitar
A Major arpeggio tab