Em Pentatonic Scale Fretboard Diagrams

Here are 5 diagrams showing the Em Pentatonic scale in all 5 patterns or positions (patterns is probably the more appropriate term). The Em Pentatonic scale consists of the E, G, A, B, and D notes. The Em Pentatonic scale is derived from the E minor scale with the 2nd (F#) and 6th (C) tones dropped. The Em Pentatonic scale is a very popular scale used in all forms of popular music.

This scale is popular because the notes sound good together. I am sure there is a deeper musical theory behind this but, nonetheless, these 5 notes are very complementary to each other. The Am Pentatonic scale has no sharps nor flats.

The first diagram shows all of the notes of the Em Pentatonic scale and is followed by patterns 1 through 5. Please note that every pattern is repeated twice on the fretboard with the exception of pattern 5 that is only represented once.

All E minor pentatonic scale diagram are followed by standard notation and guitar tab.

Em pentatonic scale patterns
Em pentatonic scale pattern 1
Em Pentatonic Scale tab 1
Em pentatonic scale
Em Pentatonic Scale tab 2
Em pentatonic scale pattern
Em Penatonic Scale tab
Em pentatonic scale pattern
Em pentatonic scale tab 4
Em pentatonic scale pattern
Em pentatonic scale tab