Circle of Fifths

This is a diagram of the circle of fifths or the circle of 5ths.
If you take the time to review, study and learn you will take a significant leap in your understanding of musical theory.
Initially you will just want to see the number of sharps and flats associated with the various keys, but, of course, grab whatever you can.

There are many guitarists and musicians who associate a little, good mojo with the knowledge that lurks within.

Essentially what you are looking at is the following:

1) Reading clockwise around the outermost circle are tones arranged in 5th intervals.
2) The darker circle shows the relationship of the scale tones to the root. These scale tones are shown relative to C Major.
3) The ‘major’ circle shows the number of flats or sharps associated with each key
4) The lower case note names show the relative minor of the outermost Major. The relative minor of C Major is A minor.
5) Key signatures float around the outer edges.

A really good site that will show this in a movable or scalable fashion can be found here:

Interactive demonstration of the circle of fifths

Really well done and invaluable for all of us aspiring musicians. Please take the time to visit this site.
Deserved Kudos to Rand Scullard.

circle of 5ths for guitar