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3-Shape Fretboard

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Modes in the key of A Major

Here is a table showing the modes that can be found within the key of A Major. Please note that each Mode name is based on the position of the note within the scale. This labeling by position is consistent regardless of Major scale. Please click on image for full page display.
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The Circle of 5ths

Well, needless to say there is much to be learned from the circle of 5ths.

Take a look at the diagram and begin your exploration.

Who knows where this may eventually lead.

Step by step is how any journey goes.

Take that first step.

Please click on the image for a larger view

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Play the notes from the Circle of 5ths on the Guitar

There are many different ways to play the notes of the Circle of 5ths. There are as many benefits to learning to play through the cycle as there are are ways to play them on the fretboard. This is only one presentation.

You should be able to discern the pattern starting from the C note on the 3rd fret of the 5th(A) string. The order of play is indicated by the large numbers next to the notes. Please note that extra fret skip on the B string.

You should also be able to figure out how to extend the pattern when you reach that closing C note.

Learning the order of these notes as they are positioned within the circle of 5ths is an added bonus.

You should take the time to learn what the Circle of 5ths is all about. Many musicians swear there is magic to be found within.

Of course, you are asking why should you bother to learn this?

Well, of course the answer is, because it is the circle of 5ths.

This is holy stuff here.

Get busy.

Please click on the image to go to a larger picture.

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Guitar Mode Parent Scale Concept

This diagram is a simple representation of the parent scale concept with C Major. All of the modes that are derived from the C Major scale have first and last names that are unique in combination.

C Ionian
D Dorian
E Phrygian
.....and so forth

All God's children have names. All modal children have names.

All God's children have parents. All modal children have a parent scale.

C Major is the parent scale because when you are playing D Dorian, you are playing the very same notes as C Major.

Huh? We explain this in the mode section.

D Dorian has only the C Major scale as a parent. Same with E Phrygian and the other modal children of the C Major scale.

Click on the image to go to the full page.

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The "House" Pentatonic Scale Box

Yes, of course, we know this is often referred to as "B.B.'s Box", and or the top of the second pentatonic pattern. We're just so partial to the shape that we simply can't avoid the "House" designation.

Many players have made this little house their home, but they do with respect and don't abuse the privilege. Sorta like going back and visiting the parents. You can stay a little but you know better then to move back in.

This box is moveable. Try some other keys.

Here is what you need to do.

1. Play these notes in any way the feeling takes you.
2. Come on back to the A note every so often to remind yourself of the key.
3. Bend up that D note to the D sharp/E flat whenever the mood calls for it.
4. Slide up to that E to kick things off on occasion.
5. Turn it up.
6. Take your time and get a feeling for your feeling.
7. Oh Lordy.

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Updated Scale Reference Sheet
C Major Scale Shown

This is a diagram that presents some information associated with your run-of-the-mile Major scale.

Stuff that is nice to know.

Click on the image to go to the full page.